Shed Reducer for Cats
Miracle Coat

Shed Reducer for Cats


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Miracle Coat Shed Reducer Spray-On Solution for Cats is a revolutionary breakthrough formula for pets. Now there is an all-natural and safe way to reduce pet hair and cat dander in your living environment. This easy-to-use topical spray of natural essential nutrients, vitamins and conditioners, helps to reduce overall excessive shedding.


  • Provides a Fresh Smell While Improving Cat's Skin and Coat
  • Helps To Keep Dander and Allergens Caused by Cat Hair Under Control
  • Save Time and Energy Cleaning Pet Hair from Your Home
  • Can Be Used On Cats of Any Size or Breed Over 10 Weeks of Age


Spray on back and brush to penetrate entire coat. Continue to apply daily for the first 3 weeks. Use one to three times per week thereafter.


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