Waterless Shampoo for Cats
Miracle Coat

Waterless Shampoo for Cats


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The very first Waterless Spray-On Shampoo created for cats, Miracle Coat provides maximum luster, shine and manageability with minimal effort. Our quiet sprayer will not offend skittish cats.


  • Providing a Fresh Smell While Improving Cat's Skin and Coat
  • Perfect for Cats that Do Not Like the Tub or Shower, Quick Touch-Ups between Baths and Year-Round Use
  • Frequent Use Can Help to Enhance Shine and Manageability
  • Can Be Used on Cats Any Size or Breed Over 10 Weeks of Age


Wet coat thoroughly by spraying shampoo, working from the tail to the head. Massage into coat until silky lather appears. No water rinse is needed. Simply towel off, brush and dry the coat. Frequent use enhances shine and manageability.


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