Small Animal Grass Plus®
Miracle Care

Small Animal Grass Plus®


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Miracle Care Grass Plus® brings the outdoors insides by providing small animals with fresh & naturally grown grass. Uniquely formulated, Grass Plus® grows straight from the container and only needs to be watered once.


  • Perfect For Rabbits, Hamsters And Guinea Pigs
  • Satisfies Natural Craving For Fresh Grass
  • Conveniently Grows From Containers
  • Fresh & Naturally Grown Grass
  • Only Needs Watered Once


Grass Seed (may contain one or more of the following seeds: barley, oats and/or wheat), Vermiculite and Planta-Gel (Potassium Propenoate, Proenamide Copolymers).

(Planta-Gel is a non-toxic water absorption agent.)


  1. Open the lid and evenly wet the granules with 1 cup of luke-warm water. Water only once.
  2. Put the container in a warm, light place, avoiding the direct sunlight.
  3. After three days, the grass will begin to germinate. Within eight dats the clipping opens up and the grass can grow to full height.
  4. When the grass has reached a height of 2 to 4 inches, cut to desired height and place the clippings in your pet's cage.

*Do not place container in cage and do not allow pet to eat substrate as it has no nutritional value*


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