Specialty Dog Shampoos - Black Bottles
Miracle Coat

Specialty Dog Shampoos - Black Bottles


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Miracle Coat Specialty Shampoos are formulated with carefully blended ingredients to enhance and enrich any breeds skin and coat.



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    Colloidal Oatmeal

    Formulated to cleanse and condition any coat, this colloidal oatmeal shampoo naturally soothes your pet’s dry, itchy skin.

    • Oatmeal Soothes, Heals And Moisturizes
    • Enriched With Tea Tree Oil And Vitamin C
    • Formulated With Lavender, White Ginger & Chamomile
    • Fresh Botanical Scent

    Premium Shampoo

    Formulated with rich conditioning properties, this premium shampoo helps sooth skin irritations while reliving dryness and hot spots.

    • Relieves skin irritations, dryness and hot spots
    • Formulated With Tea Tree Oil And Wheat Germ Oils
    • Enriched With Vitamins B, C, E And Botanicals
    • Pleasant Herbal Fresh Scent

    Puppy Shampoo

    Formulated to gently cleanse and condition, this puppy shampoo naturally enhances shine, softness and manageability while keeping your puppy fresh between baths.

    • Gently Cleanses And Conditions While Enhancing Shine
    • Formulated With Vitamins A, C & E
    • Non-Irritating And Natural Formula
    • Baby Fresh Scent

    Original Australian Tea Tree Oil

    Formulated to calm irritated skin conditions, this original tea tree shampoo gently cleans, deodorizes and conditions the skin and coat.

    • Tea Tree Oil Soothes Cuts, Scratches And Skin Irritations
    • Enriched With Genuine Melaleuca Alternifolia Tea Tree Oil
    • Formulated With Vitamin A & C, Comfrey, Henna and Lavender
    • Fresh Botanical Scent

    Botanical & Essential Oils

    Designed to soothe irritated skin, this botanical shampoo helps to eliminate flaking and odors while nourishing the coat.

    • Nurtures And Moisturizes Skin And Coat
    • Enriched With Whole Wheat Protein, Tea Tree Oil And Wheat Germ Oils
    • Formulated With Vitamins B, C & E And 12 Essential Oils
    • Fresh Botanical Scent

    Hypo-Allergenic for Sensitive Skin

    Designed to naturally remove dirt and dander, this hypo-allergenic shampoo contains additional moisturizers that soothe irritated skin.

    • Enriched With Coconut Extract
    • Formulated With Vitamins A, C & E
    • Tropical Coconut Scent

    Radiant White

    Designed to naturally whiten and intensify white and light coats, this radiant white shampoo contains special conditioners that moisturize and reduce static.

    • Brightens Without Bleach Or Harmful Dyes
    • Enriched With Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein And Wheat Germ Oil
    • Formulated With Vitamins B, C, And E
    • Relaxing English Garden Scent

    Medicated Anti-Bacterial

    Designed to naturally eliminate germs and help skin concerns, this medicated shampoo soothes dry, itchy skin while nourishing the skin and coat.

    • Kills Germs And Eliminates Odor
    • Enriched With Triclosan
    • Formulated Tea Tree Oil And Vitamins B & C
    • Fresh Botanical Scent

    Skin Soothing

    Designed to naturally restore skin’s moisture, this skin soothing shampoo conditions and soothes the skin and coat while relieving dry, itchy skin.

    • Soothes Skin While Resorting Natural Moisture
    • Enriched With Vitamin E And Wheat Germ Oil
    • Formulated With Colloidal Oatmeal
    • Tropical Fruit Scent


    Designed to help remove knots and tangles, this skin detangling shampoo makes post-bath brushing easier for you and your dog.

    • Gently Loosens Tangles Making Brushing Easier
    • Enriched With Extra Conditioners
    • Formulated With Vitamins B, C And E
    • Pacific Island Scent