Specialty Waterless Shampoos
Specialty Waterless Shampoos
Specialty Waterless Shampoos
Specialty Waterless Shampoos
Miracle Coat

Specialty Waterless Shampoos


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Formulated for easier bathing and cleaning, Miracle Coat Spray-On Waterless Shampoo is a natural formula that simplifies bathing maintenance. This spray-on waterless shampoo creates shine and a healthy coat while reliving dryness, hot sports and skin irritations caused by fleas.


  • Enriched With Vitamin C & E
  • Formulated With Tea Tree Oil
  • Relives Dryness, Hot Spots and Skin Irritations
  • Easy Spray Bottle With Quiet Spray Nozzle


Foaming Waterless Shampoo:

Wet coat. Apply and massage into lather. Rinse. For maximum results, repeat process. Towel dry. Brush out coat. Use as often as desired. Gentle enough for regular use that will enhance shine and manageability.

Spray On Waterless Shampoo:

Wet coat thoroughly with Waterless Shampoo working from the head to the tail. Massage into coat until silky lather is formed. No water rinse is needed. Simply towel off, brush and dry the coat. Frequent use enhances shine and manageability.


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