Winner's Circle

Winner's Circle


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Made from a blend of recycled and virgin rubber, Winner’s Circle™ flooring is a premium product and the most resilient item in our line of rubber flooring.  It has our highest rating for comfort, and when spending long hours in a grooming area, this feature is as valuable for you as for the animal -- perhaps more so.

Winner’s Circle™ flooring is designed to permit fast drainage of liquids while maximizing safe footing.  Winner’s Circle™’s bottom side is held off the subsurface by hundreds of small rubber nubs allowing liquids to drain quickly and travel to the sub floor drain.

Use Winner’s Circle™ as a pathway covering over dirt or grass.  During rainy spells, this mat  will keep you out of the mud, and will protect the roots of grass so bald spots will not develop in the path.  The healthy root system of the grass will maintain soil integrity.  In many instances, you will be able to mow over the grass that grows through the matting and scarcely be able to tell that Winner’s Circle is present.

  • Size: 39.4” x 59.6” x  7/8”
  • Weight: 38 lbs.
  • Color: Black
  • Surface pattern:
  • Top (hollow octagonal)
  • Bottom (nubs)


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