Spray-On Shampoo for Cats
Miracle Coat

Spray-On Shampoo for Cats


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The very first Spray-On Shampoo for cats creates the shiniest, healthiest coat. This cat-specific formula is infused with Jasmine, Wild Cherry Bark, Evening Primrose and Vitamin E for the perfect shine. Our quiet sprayer allows you to apply this shampoo more evenly and easily.


  • Herbal Scent, providing a fresh smell while improving cat coats.
  • Equipped with a quiet sprayer allowing you to apply the shampoo to even the most skittish cats.
  • Can be used on cats any size or breed over 10 weeks of age.


Wet coat thoroughly by spraying shampoo, working from the tail to the head. Massage into coat until silky lather appears. Rinse. For maximum results, repeat process. Towel dry and brush coat. Frequent use enhances shine and manageability.


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