Curly & Wiry Coat Shampoo in Fantastic Herbal Scent

Formulated specifically for curly and wiry coats, this shampoo builds body and bounce without over conditioning the skin and coat.

  • Enriched With Vitamin C & E and Tea Tree Oil
  • Fortified With Rosemary Oil And Coconut Extract
  • Herbal Scent

      Short & Smooth Coat Shampoo in Pleasant Fresh Scent

      Formulated specifically for short and smooth coats, this shampoo will give your pet’s coat a luxurious shine while soothing dry and itchy skin.

      • Fortified With Colloidal Oatmeal
      • Enriched With Wheat Germ Oil And Vitamins
      • Fresh Scent

      Long & Silky Coat Shampoo in Sunny Garden Scent

      Formulated specifically for long and silky coats, this shampoo loosens tangles and mats to make brushing easier.

      • Fortified With Vitamins C & E Plus Whole Wheat Protein
      • Enriched With Wheat Germ Oil
      • Sunny Garden Scent

      Thick & Dense Coat Shampoo in Clean Tropical Scent

      Formulated specifically for thick and dense coats, this shampoo gently cleans and maintains a thick undercoat without any stripping.

      • Enriched With Vitamins A, C & E
      • Fortified With Coconut Extract
      • Low Sudsing For Easy Rinsing
      • Tropical Scent