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Stewart’s focus is to provide benefit-driven pet nutrition with every bite. Featuring single ingredient treats, treats with benefits, and nutritional diets, we have pups covered with tastes they’ll crave. We continue to research and develop new products with benefits top of mind, so be sure to check our website for new arrivals!
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The Hamilton brand was established in 1973 and quickly rose to become a world leader in the manufacturing of products for large and small animals. Our founding vision of providing quality, comfort and safety, combined with innovative premium nylon goods has become our legacy.

Sturdy construction, strong materials and innovative designs reflect our commitment to the safety and comfort of pets, horses, prized animals and their owners. Our products stand above the rest in color, design and assortment providing customers with premium quality value with a long, dependable life. 

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Miracle Care®

Miracle Care serves the needs and expectations for all species of animals, along with their owners, with a history of excellence spanning 40 years. We improve the human-animal bond by offering a complete line of innovative, solutions-driven products and accessories for animals, small and large.

Miracle Care offers a wide array of premium products for animals including health and beauty aids, grooming tools, remedies, first aid items, and supplements. Our products are available for individual use or professional needs, including our convenient, easy-to-use kits.

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    Summit Flexible Products was a pioneering innovator in the manufacturing of stall mats and agility flooring from recycled materials for use in barn maintenance and training venues. Our efforts have also enabled us to become a trusted and valued source for rubber and plastic safety flooring and athletic surfaces. 

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    ARC Laboratories®

    Established in 1992, ARC Laboratories provides a product assortment of first aid and ear care items to pet professionals. The ARC Laboratories line includes Kwik Stop Styptic Powder, Bitter Orange Lick Deterrent and a full ear care system for dogs and cats.

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